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House of Leaves

488 N. Main St.
Ashland OR, 97520 ​​

 259 E. Barnett Suite 1
​Medford, OR, 97501

(541)  488 - 6776

(541) 816 - 4204
9AM - 8PM

Grand Opening 
November 3rd, 2017

Southern Oregon's First Choice

How do you like to medicate? We carry a variety of different products to suit your cannabis needs!





CBD Products



In-House pre-rolled cannabis for your convenience. Check out our featured TKO Kingpin Pre-Rolls!
Cannabis oil extracts. Used for "dabbing" or "vaping" and can be a great topper on a fresh bowl. These high potency oils are sure to do the trick!
Medicated goodies. These delicious treats are infused with cannabis to leave you feeling good all over!
CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is great for pain management as well as many other conditions. We carry several products that contain CBD.
Cannabis infused lotions, balms and oils. When applied to your skin, these amazing products could provide relief!
RSO, Kief, Hash, each of these products contain highly concentrated amounts of THC and/or CBD and can be consumed in a variety of different ways. 
Local, tested, premium cannabis. 30+ Strains in store!

House of Leaves offers...


Selection and Price


The owner and staff are very knowledgable and informative. The H.O.L. staff will do everything to inform you of the differences between flower, oil, edibles etc. in order to help you make an informed purchase that is best suited for your needs.
Known for having some of the best service in town. H.O.L. provides a relaxed and comfortable environment for customers to shop in. Whether you're a Medical Patient or Recreational Customer, we are here to take care of your cannabis needs!
​​Offering one of the biggest selections in Southern Oregon, we strive to provide the finest prodoct at very affordable prices.